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Usually delivery takes 1-3 days. The exact date of delivery of the goods will be notified to you by the online store manager when placing the order.

The Money Transfer service is paid for by the MOYO online store, according to the rates of the delivery service. You can pick up and pay for orders over $ 50,000 at any New Post office or in our store.

The address delivery of an unpaid order for more than 50 000 UAH is not carried out.

If your order is sent from any city, except Kiev, to the warehouse of the company "New Mail" in your city - the cost of delivery is calculated according to the tariffs of the delivery service.

The prepaid goods can be received only by the person to whom the delivery is made in the presence of identification documents (passport or driver's license).

In order to receive a cash on delivery order, you need to have an identification document (passport or driver's license), if the amount exceeds 15 thousand UAH you will also need an identification code.

- Payment for lifting the goods to the floor (made by courier in person)

The actual weight of one place of departure should not exceed 100kg. Lift by elevator is paid for as 2 floors.

* When calculating the cost of lifting the product, the physical or volumetric weight of the order (large value) is taken into account. In case the lifting of the goods is not possible, the cost is charged on floors. Bulk Weight (kg) - (Long (cm) * Height (cm) * Width (cm)) / 4000

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