Leasing of medical equipment
Leasing of medical equipment

Leasing of medical equipment

Leasing is a convenient tool for quick updating of medical equipment in the clinic.

Previously, leasing in Ukraine on the market of medical equipment was offered only buying "heavy" equipment: CT, MRI or ultrasound scanners. Now Renaissance Medical is opening the opportunity to leasing medical equipment for the entire hospital segment.

What you need to know / why it will be useful for you:

• You receive medical equipment for use immediately, paying only the down payment of up to 30%.

• Installment payments up to 3 years with payment in equal installments.

• Lease payments are charged to gross expenses.

• No restrictions on the regions of Ukraine.

• Only one tripartite agreement is required for leasing.

• No additional collateral is required unlike a loan.

• The rising cost of equipment is only from 8% to 15% per year of its total cost.

Each delivery and contract is unique. Each order is calculated in detail individually. But the approximate calculator is on our website, where you can calculate the cost of leasing.

We hope that leasing will be an additional impulse for your medical business.

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