MRI trolleys are trolleys specially made of material with reduced magnetic characteristics for use in MRI cabinets.

The medical trolley is an auxiliary tool for the work of personnel that has reliable operational qualities, is lightweight, maneuverable and small in size. 

Insausti medical trolleys have all of the above characteristics, in addition they are made of high quality materials that meet international standards. 

What are the benefits of buying a medical cart for MRI in an online store:

  1. Saving time and money. You can choose the model and place your order at a convenient time for you and at an affordable price and free shipping.
  2. Quality and reliability. When you order the equipment in the online store RENESSANCE-MEDICAL, you will receive a certified product.
  3. Qualification consultation. Representatives of our online store will gladly help you to find the product that meets your requirements at an affordable price.

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