Mechanical ventilation

Mechanical ventilation

Modern equipment used for resuscitation is a set of technical equipment that equips intensive care wards, intensive care units of hospitals, as well as ambulances. Today, special importance is given to IVL devices for the fight against COVID-19.

The artificial lung ventilation apparatus (IVL apparatus) is a medical device for forcing the heated and moist gas mixture (oxygen and compressed air) into the lungs to saturate the blood with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the lungs.

When buying artificial ventilation, you should pay attention to:

  • The number of ventilation modes that support the device, it will allow you to choose the best option, based on the specific clinical situation.
  • What is the procedure for connecting the patient to the device? The simplified procedure will help to optimize the work of the doctor, and the direct access buttons will open the opportunity to respond quickly to changes in the patient's condition.
  • Constant monitoring of the patient's condition. The device with continuous monitoring will allow to monitor the current state of the patient at any time.

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