Mobile X-ray systems

Mobile X-ray systems

Good and proper diagnosis is the basis of effective treatment. For the treatment of COVID-19 and other diseases, it is necessary to first diagnose correctly. One of the most common diagnostic methods is the use of X-ray machines.

X-ray machines are used in almost any field of medicine, because they allow you to diagnose a large range of diseases. High-quality X-ray machine allows you to work with different types of organs.

One of the types of x-ray machines is the so-called ward x-ray, which are characterized by their mobility and compact size.
The design of mobile X-ray units includes:

  • block of X-ray forming system;
  • block image registration system;
  • movable tripod.

The ward x-ray machine is designed in such a way as to ensure its reliable operation with frequent movements and collisions.

Advantages of mobile x-ray machines:

  • Mobility. Appliances of this type are equipped with large front wheels that allow you to move the device comfortably and quickly, but do not interfere with the installation close to the patient's bed.
  • A large enough cassette compartment allows x-rays for a number of patients at once, and remote shooting controls protect the staff as much as possible.
  • The unit has high power, while receiving power from a conventional electrical outlet.
  • Modern software provides the choice of the required mode of operation for each patient, limiting the radiation dose required.

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