Patient monitors

Patient monitors

Patient monitors, pulse oximeters are the means of monitoring the patient's vital signs. Due to this equipment it is possible to perform diagnostics and treatment efficiently and qualitatively.

Today we have a huge variety of models of these devices, they are highly functional, easy to use, and are characterized by a wide range of capabilities and technological solutions.

What should I consider when buying a patient monitor?

  • Where will this device be used? If you plan to use the ambulance in a car, the monitor should run on battery or onboard power.
  • Functionality. It is important that the monitor displays the following indicators: oxygenation of arterial blood, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and arrhythmias. Modern models support up to 7 graphical channels.
  • It is equally important to be able to integrate the monitor for the patient into a centralized monitoring station. This single monitoring system will allow you to monitor your health status in real time.

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